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Who We Are

  • Created in 2003 by leading industry specialists
  • Omnex Group is headquartered in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, USA
  • Omnex has recently obtained financing from private equity partners.
  • Omnex Group had been strategically established to acquire trusted ethnic money transfer brands, seeking to accelerate global growth and build synergies. Acquisitions included:
    • Giromex (U.S. to Mexico)
    • Uno (U.S.,Canada and Europe to Latin America)
    • Le’s (U.S. and Canada to Vietnam)
  • Achieving leadership by offering the consumer value for their money and by being a service focused company with financial services
  • We understand the business and can leverage that knowledge to customize solutions, such as ethnic programs.

We are the Omnex Group Uno Foreign Exchange. We can handle all your foreign exchange and money transfer needs at one of our many locations throughout NYC, NY. Your convenience is important to us, so we have scattered our offices throughout NYC. Whether you are Uptown, Downtown, the Lower East Side or the Upper West Side there is a location near to you. We give customers more money for their foreign currency. We offer some of the best exchange rates in the industry; if you appreciate a higher currency exchange rate come see us. With our internet cafe based locations, we allow you to talk to your loved one face to face via the web while you send them the money they need.

For 15 years we have been providing people in the NYC area with high currency exchange rates, convenient locations and the fun of transacting business at an internet cafe. Most people love the concept. When customers come to us, they realize we are also very knowledgeable about currency fluctuations in foreign markets. Pleasing the customer is our focus, and it has led us to do a number of things at our locations to make sure the customer is happy, relaxed and successful. We handle your transactions quickly and efficiently and allow you the freedom to move on to your next task or spend a little time enjoying the atmosphere at one of our internet cafes.